Fit For a King is a Henry VIII sim where you can marry and execute everything

(Image credit: Kitfox Games)

Henry VIII lived large. He got through six wives, founded his own Church so he could get divorced and pretty much executed everyone. He also liked tennis. Fit For a King is a Henry VIII simulator that tries to capture some of that life and the result is something that looks like Ultima but reminds me more of Reigns

As king or queen of 16th century England, you need to compete with your rival, get disgustingly rich by collecting taxes and finding chests, execute and marry whatever you want—apparently even inanimate objects—and, if you're feeling bored, reform the church. The formation of the Church of England is literally a button away. 

There are 26 royal commands for you to make, from playing the lute to shaking up religion, and you can rewrite England's laws, creating a perfect kingdom or ruining it with your terrible decisions. If you've always wanted to make a horse a priest, now is your chance. The most important thing is you end up rich and France ends up humiliated. 

Kitfox Games' (Boyfriend Dungeon, Shrouded Isle) Tanya X. Short and designer Brent Ellison have conjured up this royal adventure, and you'll be able to pick it up for yourself when it arrives on Steam on September 5.

Fraser Brown
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