Firefox Quantum is the first browser in years to threaten Chrome

Mozilla announced a brand new browser today called Firefox Quantum. Designed on a completely new web engine, Mozilla claims that its new browser will not only outpace Chrome, but crush it in terms of memory use.

Google's Chrome browser is known for using up gobs of RAM, especially once you start to accumulate tabs. Firefox claims that Quantum will be able to handle an equal amount of punishment while using 30 percent less memory than Chrome—a joy for all the tab fiends out there.

Aside from a smaller memory footprint, Quantum renders pages with lightning speed. Mozilla claims that Quantum is twice as fast as Firefox 52 in Speedometer 2.0, but doesn't boast about Quantum's speed against Chrome. In my quick test, Quantum seems to load pages on par with the latest Chrome 62—but that may be due to my insane internet connection.

One new useful feature in Quantum is its ability to quickly search using any search engine you want. As you type a query in the address bar, Quantum displays instant results, as well as show buttons for various engines. Google remains Quantum's default search.

Firefox Quantum also integrates Pocket, the popular bookmarking extension which Mozilla acquired the developer of earlier this year. Pocket allows you to quickly "pin" stuff to a customized feed, that you can go back to later. If you can't read something now, you can add it to your Pocket and Quantum will notify you later to check what you saved. 

So far, Quantum definitely feels snappier than old Firefox, and definitely feels like a modern browser. I might switch. Check out the unveiling video for more features:

Tuan Nguyen
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