Find Makarov countdown is not a hoax, it's just not for Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 countdown

The countdown timer that started last Friday was first assumed to be for Modern Warfare 3. Then it was destroyed by Activision, claiming it was a hoax. Now we have new information: the countdown is ticking towards the reveal of a Modern Warfare 'inspired' project. Read on for the details.

The new information comes courtesy of Spike TV journalist Geoff Keighley, who has done some digging and revealed that the countdown was created by We Can Pretend, a team from Toronto working on a Call of Duty inspired project. Keighley said that "production sources who worked on the self-funded project call it visually spectacular."

The guys over at Joystiq have done some digging of their own, and have been sent a teaser image from the project, which can be seen here . It's clearly some kind of real-life footage, indicating the that most likely end result is that 'Find Makarov' is a short film, possibly connected to the Modern Warfare story line.

We'll just have to wait for complete clarification, which according to the countdown comes on March 2.