Final Fantasy XIV offering free weekend for lapsed players

Final Fantasy XIV 3

Maybe you stopped playing Final Fantasy XIV before a goddamn dragon emerged from a goddamn moon. Maybe you stopped playing because a monthly subscription is like a nagging itch of guilt gnawing away at your soul. Maybe you've just never played it, in which case this news unfortunately doesn't apply.

If you are a lapsed player with an inactive account, you can head back into the game for free this weekend. Final Fantasy XIV is opening its doors to all of the game's owners, with a subscription-free access period that will last from 30 January at 8am GMT to 2 February at 8am GMT.

The point, naturally, is to give players a chance to peruse the new goodies added as part of the recent 2.5 update. You can see an overview of the new stuff via the trailer below, and check out more details on Squenix's offer through this link.

Phil Savage

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