Final Fantasy 15 running on high-end PC hardware looks fantastic

Despite Final Fantasy 15 skipping our platform of choice in favour of its console cousins last  year, game director Hajime Tabata has continually expressed his desire to see Noctis et al arrive on PC. In February, he estimated doing so could take more than a year—however a tech demo shown during this week's GDC suggests the process may already be underway. 

Developer Square Enix has been working alongside graphics card specialists Nvidia on the game's Luminous Studio Pro engine of late, and, powered by the recently confirmed GTX 1080 Ti, has crafted the following tech demo. Besides showcasing what the engine is capable of, if you're already familiar with FF15 you might spot some subtle differences. 

Let's first have a gander: 

Final Fantasy 15 is easily one of the prettiest console games I've ever played, however the above takes Eos to another level. Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted a surprise battle at Lestallum, and a monster truck-style version of the Regalia which looks pretty neat. And just how cute is that cat towards the trailer's end?  

For now a tech demo is all we're getting, but I'm pretty confident this marks the beginning of Final Fantasy 15's journey towards PC. Watch this space.