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Final Fantasy 14's director spent 7 hours baking cookies, drinking wine and playing the MMO on Twitch

Naoki Yoshida drinking red wine
(Image credit: Twitch)
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As if I didn't already need another reason to love Naoki Yoshida more than I already do, the Final Fantasy 14 director recently spent seven hours on Twitch baking cookies, drinking wine, and showing off his lalafell black mage.

The stream happened a few days ago on NGC's Twitch channel, with Yoshida giving viewers a tour of the Free Company's housing before donning matching Craftsman's Aprons with his character for the baking session.

He spent an hour making his coffee cookies, the recipe for which has been very kindly translated by @aitaikimochi on Twitter. Some highlights include an entire block of butter getting stuck in Yoshida's whisk, making smiley faces out of chocolate chips, and taking a massive sip of red wine before he'd even begun baking. The wine is apparently a 2018 Napa Valley red (thanks again @aitaikimochi!) and according to Yoshida, it pairs wonderfully with coffee cookies.

Naoki Yoshida and his lalafell character in matching aprons

(Image credit: Twitch)

Yoshida also played a bit of Final Fantasy 14 with his Free Company, running Unreal Titan, with a few wipes along the way. He wrapped up the stream with what appears to be a Q&A, before ending his stream after a long seven hours and 15 minutes.

The entire stream is (obviously) in Japanese, but it's still a thoroughly entertaining watch even with no grasp on the language. Yoshida seems like a bundle of fun, and his cookies looked pretty damn nice to boot. I can't imagine cookies pairing well with red wine, but I suppose there's only one way to find out… maybe I'll give the recipe a try myself sometime soon. Even if it's just an excuse to drink wine.

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