Far Cry 4's PvP multiplayer mode mixes magic with elephants, guns with stealth

Far Cry 4 multiplayer

Far Cry hasn't done competitive multiplayer for a good long while, but it's being reintroduced for the fourth game with its Battles of Kyrat mode. Well, I say mode, it's really three of the beggars: Outpost, Propaganda and Demon Mask. The first two task teams with defending or attacking outposts (that'll be Outpost), or defending or destroying propaganda (that'll be Propaganda), while Demon Mask is basically capture the flag. But with a mask.

The most interesting thing about these multiplayer modes are the two teams, which differ in more ways than their primary colours. The very blue Rakshasa (villain Pagan Min's elite guard) are a bit stealthy, relying on bows and arrows, Dishonored-style teleportation, and their mastery of the animals, while the very red Golden Path bring guns, armoured vehicles and the like to the table. Then they blow up the table. With their guns. You can see footage of all three modes in the above trailer.

Far Cry 4 is out November 18th. The season pass adds another PvP mode and yetis, among other things.

Tom Sykes

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