Fanatical's Max Damage bundle features $100-worth of games for $3.50

Earlier this month, digital deals site Bundle Stars underwent a makeover to become Fanatical. Now, it's launched its first post-rebrand bundle that gathers eight games worth almost $100 for just $3.50. 

Named the Max Damage Bundle, the special offer boasts System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Guts and Glory, Serial Cleaner, Final Exam, Monochroma, Sudden Strike Gold, Punch Club: Deluxe Edition, and Carmageddon: Max Damage—all of which you can make yours for $3.49/£3.19. 

Dystopian sci-fi shooter System Shock is likely the stand out there, however I'm very fond of Punch Club—tinyBuild's quirky sports management sim, whose release grabbed headlines last year for being tied to a TwitchPlays campaign.  

"Punch Club is currently being played on the TwitchPlaysPunchClub channel, with viewers voting on what should be done as the game progresses," reported Andy at the time. "Train or fight? Go to the gym or grab some lunch? Weights or speed bag? Rest or KILL HIM? The whole thing is clearly modeled after TwitchPlaysPokemon, but with higher stakes: Developer Lazy Bear Games says it won't release Punch Club until Twitch manages to finish it."

Twitch did finish it, and it's since been well received. 

Fanatical's Max Damage Bundle, on the other hand, is live now through November 28.