Fallout 76's nuke codes have been hotfixed

Update: Bethesda took Fallout 76 down for a bit today to hotfix the 'no-nukes' issue we reported below. The servers are now back online and players are busy solving the new launch codes.

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Original story: Fallout 76 had an unexpectedly peaceful New Year’s Day when players discovered the first major bug of 2019: nuke codes were broken. Survivors searching for nuke codes in the wasteland on January 1 discovered they hadn't been reset, giving the post-apocalyptic West Virginia a respite from the nuclear attacks. 

Disabling nukes as a sort of New Year’s armistice sounds like a nice way to kick off 2019, but this wasn’t a planned event or a surprise from Bethesda. It’s just another unanticipated issue. Very much a regular day in Fallout 76, then. 

Bethesda confirmed it wasn’t a scheduled event on Twitter yesterday, but there’s been no official update since. A community manager did say that a hotfix should be expected today, however.

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It’s a rough start to 2019 for Fallout 76, which didn’t have a great 2018, either. On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing? Nukes are, and I know I’m being controversial here, quite bad. Will they really be missed? Maybe this could be the start of a new era of peaceful cooperation for the denizens of the wasteland.  

Cheers, GamesRadar.

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