No "pay walls or energy meters" in Fable Legends, Lionhead says

Fable Legends

With each passing day it seems more like Fable Legends was always a PC game to begin with. We've found that on playing it, and now the folks at Lionhead are keen to hint that Fable Legends is PC at its core. Lionhead business and strategy director Emmi Kuusikko spoke to MCV, saying:

"When we think of things that have been asked for, PC has had been asked and requested for a long time. We're launching on Windows 10 at the same time as Xbox One, with the ability to play across platforms.

"Launching on both platforms lets us have as many people as possible play the game without the barriers to entry, and that's really important to us."

Part of this move to PC—and the platform being at Fable Legends' core—also comes down to the game's free-to-play nature. We went over how the F2P model in Fable Legends will work here. Basically it borrows ideas from League of Legends, as well as throwing in the ability to purchase creatures, weapons, armour and so on. Pretty standard stuff.

But game director David Eckelberry was clear in pointing out this isn't a pay-to-win situation: "You can get all of our content and there's no pay walls or energy meters," he said, "You can play as much as you want without any kind of gated areas.

"We don't allow the business side to affect the game that's happening in the middle."