F1 2014 announced, will reflect this year's changes to the sport

Codemasters has announced their latest F1 title and, weirdly, it's not adhering to the tradition of being named after some hypothetical future year. F1 2014 will, instead, release in 2014 (spooky), leaving the 'next-gen' F1 2015 to the numerically appropriate 2015 F1 season. This year's entry will likely be a little less visually sparkly than next year's, but Codies are still promising big changes to the business of driving fast cars around a track, including a "driver evaluation system" that will analyse your skill level during play, before suggesting game settings tailored to your ability—or lack thereof.

In addition to that evaluation system, expect an expanded scenario mode and a new 'Very Easy' difficulty option—basically, pretty typical sequel stuff. More interestingly, the various rule and regulation changes that came into F1 this year will also be taken into account. None of these details are really reflected in the following trailer, but it does at least confirm that F1 2014 won't be a kart racing game or anything like that.

F1 2014 comes out October 17th (October 21st in the US).

Tom Sykes

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