Exclusive: Let your Wall Blades make green mincemeat in Orcs Must Die!

It's a feeling every Bond villain's experienced at one time or another: the glee of watching someone inch closer and closer to your carefully-laid trap, with your victim unknowingly taking his final steps towards oblivion. Now, you can experience that feeling without the megalomania or evil plots in Orcs Must Die!, an action-strategy hybrid from Robot Entertainment.

OMD looks to be something of a cross between your typical tower defense game, Dungeon Keeper, and the enemy ridicule and playful murdering of Bulletstorm. And I want to play it right this second.

You're tasked with defending your castle from the incoming orc siege gang, the only way you know how: by setting up diabolical traps all over your ramparts. The many traps available to you are sure to make quick work of the oncoming waves, slicing and dicing while you fling fireballs at the poor green saps all the while. As you can see, the above video answers the question many have wanted to know about orcs for some time: will it blend? The answer, undoubtedly, is yes.

Other deliciously devious traps include the Arrow Wall, Boom Barrel, and Spring Trap, all of which can be rigged together for a Rube Goldberg contraption of orcish misery and pain. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on OMD—hopefully, we'll see a trap door above a shark tank somewhere in there.