EVE removes Pentium 3 support in latest update

Eve Online commissioned officer edition

EVE Online receives the highly anticipated Incursion update today. However, a small number of players will not be enjoying the new content as the update does not support some older CPU models, Pentium 3 among them. Read on for the techy details.

Explaining on the EVE Online Dev Blog , CCP said: "CPUs that don't support the SSE2 instruction set will not be able to run EVE Online after the Incursion 1.1.0 deployment on Tuesday, January 18. This will cause players still using Intel Pentium 3 or older and AMD Athlon XP or older CPUs to not be able to run the EVE Online client."

During the testing of Incursion 1.1.0, CCP discovered that the client would crash on start-up when run on systems that used non-SSE2 capable CPUs. CCP has looked at hardware trends and estimate that 0.3% of their playerbase will be affected. Due to such low figures, they have decided to go ahead with the launch of Incursion. Those with incompatible CPU models will be informed by an info message that appears when the client is started to avoid confusion.