EVE Online players will watch their DUST 514 minions deathmatch in arenas, place bets on their lives


In EVE Online's lore, our characters are immortal. For all intents and purposes, we are gods that rule our universe. Console players who enter our domain when DUST 514 launches later this year have good reason to fear their space-dwelling overlords: we will make them fight, and die, for our amusement.

At CCP's closing presentation for Fanfest, Executive Producer Brandon Laurino revealed that they will add Gladiator Arena to DUST 514 in its first expansion. Set to release 2013, it will support game modes "like capture-the-flag, solo deathmatch, and custom matches."

But the best part is that EVE players will be able to watch these deathmatches take place and place bets on the outcome. No official word on how that'll work, but I imagine us capsuleers sitting in posh lounges, enjoying fine foods and drinks while casually giving thumbs-down when the Dust-bunnies (as EVE players here so affectionately refer to DUST players) beg us for aid.