EVE Online: Zenith is the beginning of the end for the Triglavian invasion

Massive anecdote generator EVE Online received an update today that will conclude the Triglavian invasion that's had the galaxy in its grip for the last year, with players getting a chance to influence the outcome. 

Perhaps you think the Triglavians would make excellent overlords, so you can feel free to lend a hand. Or you can take a break from mining and corporate intrigue to help everyone trying to put a stop to the invaders. 

The Zenith update is the third 'Quadrant' in a series that's made some big changes to the MMO this year, and you can expect more to come, with visual updates, balance tweaks and live events hitting the galaxy. 

Zenith begins with some PvP changes. Players will be able to get Proving Filaments that take them from anywhere in space to an Abyssal Proving Ground where they can duke it out with other players. 

With the update, the format of these PvP clashes has changed. They're limited time events now, with the invaders tasking players with fighting in battles in new cosmic environments. They'll have restrictions on ship types and fleet size, starting with 1v1 scraps and going up to 5v5, as well as free-for-alls with five ships. 

For more details on the new stuff coming to Abyssal Proving Grounds, take a gander at this developer blog from last month. These PvP events are also expected to continue in Quadrant 4. 

Zenith is live now. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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