Eve is Real site offers prizes for community created stories, images and videos

Eve Online - Eve is real

One thing that is often said about Eve Online is "I'd never play it, but I really like reading about it." To that end, the Eve is Real site aims to gather the most memorable community created stories, images and videos into one unified "memory museum."

To encourage people to share stories, developers CCP are offering a top of the range PC and a GeForce GTX 460 graphics card for the best films and pictures submitted. When the number of shares on the site hits certain milestones, the community will be rewarded with Aurum, the new Incarna currency that can be used to buy vanity items in The Noble Exchange.

The big story of late in the Eve universe has been the dramatic launch of the Incarna update. You can read all about the leaked emails, space station protests and tense player/developer negotiations here . If all this talk of politics and space ships makes you want to dive into Eve right now, then there's a 14 day free trial available. Once you're in, why not hook up with the PC Gamer Corp? Swing by our forums to find out how to join.

Tom Senior

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