Eve: Incarna screenshots show space station interiors

Eve Incarna - mirror character editor

A new post on the Eve Online dev blog has turned up some fascinating new screenshots of the upcoming Incarna update. The next free expansion will players step out of their space ships and roam the universe's space stations on foot.

The latest version of the Captain's Quarters update are live now on the Eve Online Duality test servers, giving beta players access to the new Incarna areas with up to date animations and extra features. One of the most spectacular additions is the ship dock, where you can stand and admire your ship at its full scale. It's hard to tell when piloting them how enormous they are.

The Incarna Update won't just make aesthetic changes, the UI is set to be streamlined and the entire starting experience for new players will be refined to include new tutorials. You can find out more on the Eve Online site . If fancy giving the space MMO a go, there's a free trial available.

Tom Senior

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