Epic warns of bogus emails in ongoing "phishing attack"

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Epic Games has issued a warning that it is currently "experiencing a phishing attack," and that people should not click any links in emails purporting to be from the company.

"We are experiencing a phishing attack. Please DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS contained within emails claiming to be from us (anyone at Epic Games) until further notice, and as always do not give out sensitive information such as login credentials. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please post them here and we will try to answer them," the studio wrote in the Unreal Engine forums. A similar message was posted on the Epic Games Twitter account.

The attack comes just a month after Epic announced that its forums had been hacked, and that information including "username, email address, password, and the date of birth you provided at registration" may have been accessed. Epic warned at the time that while the hacked forum did not contain any financial information, users should keep their eyes open for "suspicious email," including phishing attempts.

An Epic representative said the studio is "still assessing the situation" but declined to comment further. The forum thread containing the original notice of the phishing attack will be updated with further information as it becomes available.

Andy Chalk

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