Enter the Humankind Steam key giveaway

Humankind characters and logo key art
(Image credit: SEGA and Amplitude Studios)

 Beginning June 13th, during The PC Gaming Show, SEGA and Amplitude Studios launch their closed beta event with 5,000 keys made available at PCGamer for just 48 hours. All you have to do is slap in your email address in the form below and your key will arrive in your inbox in no time.  

 For PC gaming fans of turn-based or 4X strategy, or history buffs in general, this is their last chance to join the dev team to help shape the game during its production before it launches on August 17th. All you have to do is answer a short questionnaire at the end of the playthrough. Additionally, viewers of the PC Gaming Show will have the opportunity to play against co-host Frankie Ward’s in-game avatar, customized by Frankie herself, when they connect their Games2Gether account. For more info on Games2gether, click here

In the closed beta, running from June 13th at 14:30 PDT / 23:30 CEST to June 21st at 14:30 PDT / 23:30 CEST, players will be able to play up to 200 turns of the game from the Neolithic through Industrial eras with 50 of the 60 cultures available. New game systems like trains, airplanes, artillery and bombardment, previously absent from OpenDevs, are now playable as well. It’s all starting now so make sure to enter your email in the above form to get one of the 5,000 available keys for the HUMANKIND closed beta and make your mark on HUMANKIND.

If you want to pre-order the game now, head to Steam or the HUMANKIND store in time for the August 17th, 2021 release at a 17% discount across all platforms as well as exclusive bonus content. The standard edition pre-order includes:

The 17% discount extends to the pre-order of the Digital Deluxe Edition as well which includes:

Pre-order available now for Google Stadia, Mac OS and Windows PC.

And don’t worry, your email will not be stored, will only be used to distribute keys and will be kept strictly confidential. For more GODANKEY info, check out their FAQ.