Elder Scrolls Online reportedly removed from retail shelves amid free-to-play rumours

Elder Scrolls Online 610

[Update: EB Games has sent a statement to MCV Pacific saying that there's nothing untoward about The Elder Scrolls Online recall. "This is just part of a normal stock recall. Post-Christmas we ask stores to send back anything that they may have too much of in store," it said. "This time we included many titles, including The Evil Within, Destiny and The Elder Scrolls Online."]

Original story:

Australian retailer EB Games will remove The Elder Scrolls Online from its bricks and mortar shelves on January 13, a Kotaku AU source claims. If the report is true then it serves as fresh evidence that Bethesda intends to scrap the MMO's monthly subscription fees in favour of a free-to-play model. Both boxed copies of the game, as well as pre-paid subscription cards, will reportedly be discontinued.

The development follows news late last year that players can no longer purchase six-month subscriptions to the MMO, which was met with mixed reviews when it launched last year. While a moderator on an official French TESO forum claimed the six-month blocks were discontinued due to lack of demand (ie, customers prefer to buy shorter blocks), evidence is certainly mounting that a change is imminent.

Our Chris Thursten wasn't impressed by Elder Scrolls Online, describing it as "capable, but ultimately hard to recommend". A huge update is due later this month, ushering in dramatic changes to the MMO's post-game.

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