Dying Light 2's new game plus mode is here to shake up the horde

three peacekeepers standing abreast
(Image credit: Techland)

Dying Light 2's eagerly awaited new game plus mode is now live, as part of the chunky 1.3.0 update. The mode means that, after finishing the game once, it can be played again with modified parameters.

Developer Techland says the new systems include "new enemy behaviors, more difficult encounters, new objects within the world, namely the newly added inhibitors, and many more changes that will significantly alter the gameplay style and allow the player to develop their character further."

There are 30 new inhibitors, alongside a new legendary weapon tier, platinum parkour objectives, new enemy distributions, enemies will scale according to the player level, and the addition of 'gold' encounters.

The patch contains a bunch of other tweaks to co-op, one fix of particular note being to a frustrating bug that could block your singleplayer progression after a co-op session. Techland has also been gradually fixing infinite death loops that have been in the game since launch, and now reckons it has found the "few remaining" examples.

In more general terms, the patch adds a new quest with mutated infected, while "Enemies with bows are less annoying" thanks to decreased damage output. The grappling hook's had its pull limitations tweaked, which means: "longer swings will reset the vertical pull values; pulls will have a bigger first value."

There's a full list of the bug fixes here, which includes some unspecified technical updates that should apparently improve the game's frame rate stability: which is one thing I'd noticed on my setup. Perhaps it's time to jump back in.

We awarded Dying Light 2 a drop-kickingly good 84% in our review, calling it "a massive, exciting sandbox of parkour and kinetic combat." The game shifted 5 million copies in its first month on-sale and, going by how Techland supported the original for many years, Dying Light 2 will clearly be receiving substantial updates like this for years to come.

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