Duelyst is now available through Steam

If my constant excitement for Duelyst—a free-to-play digital card game that's one of the best around—during the PC Gamer podcast hasn't convinced you to try it yet, it just got a lot easier to give it a shot. Duelyst is now playable through Steam, where it's hooked into your friends list and Steam wallet, and also has a shiny new set of achievements.

The connection to your Steam wallet is an interesting one, as it means you could sell your free Steam trading cards from other games to then fund cosmetic or card pack purchases within Duelyst. I maintain that Duelyst already has one of the fairest microtransaction systems in any free-to-play game I've seen, so it's cool to see that system becoming even more accessible. It's important to note that your cards and items in Duelyst are not tradeable on the Steam Marketplace.

Friends list integration is also very appealing, as card games are best played with buddies. I've been trying to convince a few of my friends to play Duelyst for a while now, but a dedicated launcher can be a bridge too far for some. While your Steam friends won't show up in your Duelyst friend list until they've made an account, they will be conveniently added in-game automatically after that.

You can find Duelyst on Steam here. Its first major expansion is coming next week, and if you are just starting out here are six things you need to know to help you get going.

Tom Marks
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