Dota 2 Compendium buyers have raised an extra $1 million for The International 3's prize pool

Collectors of Dota 2's virtual e-sports bible, The Compendium, have boosted the prize pool for the upcoming International tournament by an extra $1 million. That's not quite as much as Valve themselves have contributed - with them supplying the base $1.6 million that fans have built upon with their Compendium purchases. But then, most International fans don't have Steam's money hose continuously flooding their building.

As a result of Compendium sales - $2.50 of each going directly to the International prize pool - owners have unlocked the penultimate $2.6 million stretch goal, guaranteeing them a new, as yet unrevealed, immortal item. Previous stretch goals have secured new UI skins, taunts, and a chance to vote on an 8 player solo championship, to be held during the tournament. The final stretch goal will be unlocked when the combined total prize pool hits $3.2 million, at which point fans will be able to vote on the next hero. This is also known as: the Techies poll.

There are still a couple of weeks left for that total to be raised. The International starts on August 7th.

Phil Savage

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