Divinity: Dragon Commander trailer shows jetpack dragons, monocled lizards

dragon commander

On the surface, slapping a jetpack on a dragon just seems redundant. But Divinity: Dragon Commander isn't an ordinary fantasy game. Larian's upcoming RTS/card game/RPG/ skeleton marriage simulator blends political power plays with massive strategic wars, but it also piles on the absurd beyond rocketeering wyverns. Here's a trailer showing off the steampunk craziness, including appearances of elves with lightning-bolt ears, dapper dragon-men, and a somehow boobed reptilian adviser.

Beyond the wacky cast, it looks like conquering territories involves juggling unit production and smart troop placement alongside advantageous marriages. Think Crusader Kings II or the Total War games, only with dragons. In fact, appending "only with with dragons" to any similarities you see in Dragon Commander works rather well. Except for that undead woman sporting lipstick where her lips used to be. I've got nothing on that.

We don't know when Divinity: Dragon Commander is releasing, but given the level of eccentricity in Larian's latest, I'd prefer giving it all the time it needs to deliver a perfect jetpacking experience.

Omri Petitte

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