Dive to the Titanic trailer is, somehow, completely badass*

Dive to the Titanic

TML Studio's Dive to the Titanic is on Steam now. And man, it's got one hell of a trailer. Possibly one of the most dramatic-sounding videos you'll see in 2011.

Click through to watch. Bring headphones.

Turn up the volume. This is no ordinary submarine sim trailer. This is Dive to the Titanic.

First, the Inception-esque blasts. "One iceberg was enough." Then, the chilling screams of Titanic's victims. At 1:42 we thought Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage were back to re-live 1996 action movie, The Rock. But they weren't. We were still watching the trailer for Dive to the Titanic.

Is this the most dramatic trailer you've seen today? Have you bought Dive to the Titanic? Let us know in the comments, and keep checking the site for our review.

*If you believe that mini-submarine sims should ever be described like that.