DICE is working on a fix for Battlefront 2's invincibility glitch

yoda looking determined with lightsaber
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In October of last year Star Wars: Battlefront 2's blasters-and-lightsabers power fantasy started degenerating into something out of a bad dream. All of the players in a match would sometimes find themselves unable to die. Dealing damage sees them stuck at 1hp indefinitely, like they've engaged Buddha mode, and even the game's out-of-bounds triggers would fail to kill players, leading to immortal lightsaber dance parties under the world geometry.

As reported by IGN, the problem is exclusive to PC, and may be occurring more frequently as time goes on. Thankfully, DICE is aware of the issue and seems to be taking steps to address it. Community manager Kevin Johnson, responding to a thread on Battlefield 2042's (another DICE title) subreddit, claimed that "progress was made towards getting a fix in place." We still don't have word of when this fix may come, however.

It is unclear whether this was simply a bug, or, as this Reddit post claims, a user-made exploit. One of the posts from the hacker forum cited by that Reddit thread claims that activating the exploit in one lobby activates it in every other lobby on the same server, possibly explaining the widespread nature of the phenomenon. We have no way of knowing for sure which it is, but Johnson said DICE will share an update on the status of the fix when it can. 

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