Diablo 3's massive 2.0.1 patch goes live later today, bringing the Loot 2.0 system

It's not quite Reaper of Souls - the Diablo 3 expansion that's bringing Act V and Adventure Mode - but the unassumingly named patch 2.0.1 will still significantly change the game. There's a revamped Paragon system , clan and community features , and the big Loot 2.0 - which paves the way for the Auction House's destruction. And while the expansion is still a month away, Blizzard plan to equip patch 2.0.1 later today.

The update's release was revealed last night, via a Tweet by Diablo 3 lead producer Alex Mayberry.

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Essentially, 2.0.1 lays the groundwork for Reaper of Souls, updating Diablo 3's systems for all players ahead of the expansion's new content. Changes include a dynamic difficulty system, a new "Cursed Chests" event, removal of the Paragon level cap, and "smart drops" - rare drops tailored toward the character that finds them.

2.0.1 will release at an unspecified time later today. Reaper of Souls is due out on March 25th.

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