Devolver Digital's new CEO is its old CEO

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Devolver Digital has a new boss: A trading update (via Game Developer) reveals that Douglas Morin has stepped down as CEO of the company, and will be replaced by Devolver co-founder and executive chairman Harry Miller.

Morin, who took on the role of CEO in 2021, "played a vital role in Devolver's IPO," Devolver said in the filing, "strengthened the corporate and operating structure of [Devolver Digital], and championed the acquisition of [Astroneer developer] System Era Softworks."

Miller, his replacement, co-founded the company in 2009 along with Rick Stults, Graeme Struthers, Nigel Lowrie and Mike Wilson, and previously served as CEO prior to Morin's tenure. Before his Devolver days, Miller served as CEO of Ritual Entertainment, president of Gathering of Developers, and "El Presidente" of Gamecock Media Group.

"On behalf of the Board and everyone at Devolver, I would like to thank Douglas for his significant commitment and achievements at Devolver in the last four years," Miller said. "Douglas' energy, leadership and determination were critical to our IPO and programme to build our infrastructure as a listed company, culminating in the exciting System Era acquisition.

"I am excited by the opportunity to step back into the CEO role. It's an incredible pleasure and honour to continue to work with Devolver's fantastic and talented team, building out a strong pipeline of fun and creativity, and of course delivering on our long-term growth strategy."

Devolver has some good-looking games coming in 2024 including The Plucky Squire, Anger Foot, and Pepper Grinder, and today revealed a psychedelic puzzle-shooter called Children of the Sun, although that one doesn't have a release date yet. But there's also been some bad news: Devolver also confirmed with Eurogamer today that 18 employees at its Artificer studio, the developer of Showgunners, have been laid off, and 10 more will be let go after the studio's current project is released.

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