Deus Ex: Human Revolution designer on boss fights: "we are truly sorry"

Deus Ex GDC

Game designer at Square Enix, Francois Lapikas, has been talking Deus Ex: Human Revolution at GDC. We love that game. Tom even awarded it an outstanding 94%

Tom hates one bit of Human Revolution though: the boss fights. "They are terrible. And they cannot be avoided." he said in his review . "The game is so conflicted about this that there's even a Steam achievement for completing it without killing anyone, which apologetically adds that boss fights don't count." Ouch.

Unexpectedly, some of the design team agree. Francois has offered a sincere apology for the four bosses that featured in Human Revolution.

“We didn't know what they were for. We saw them as a way to break the tension,” admitted the dev. But the fights weren't designed until well into the game development and the team were pressed for time. “We figured by putting in enough ammo in the room, we would be fine and could move on... next time we'll think about them more. They were a big part of the game and we should have put more effort into them. We are truly sorry about that."

Aww. Now I feel a bit sad too. How did you get on with the bosses in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?