Destiny 2's Vow of the Disciple raid boss has been recreated in Minecraft

A minecraft version of Rhulk hovers in the air.
(Image credit: Mojang / Jp Creations)

Last night's This Week at Bungie update contained some juicy info for Destiny 2 players—including a rundown of next season's new Strand fragments, some crafting and economy changes, and a bunch of planned updates for Trials of Osiris. But forget all of that, because it also showcased a Minecraft community recreation of The Witch Queen expansion's climactic raid fight.

Rhulk, aka Dr. Legs, final boss of the Vow of the Disciple raid, has now been immortalised in block form.

The video above is a collaboration between Minecraft builder Jp Creations and Destiny 2 YouTuber Toidi. The fight sees players battle a space modelled after Vow's Dominion encounter—complete with the signature symbols that form the main mechanics of the Vow's raid. Alas, players in the Minecraft fight seemingly don't need to memorise Vow's 26 callouts. Instead, this seems like a more standard battle through the space.

Still, by far the most impressive part of the fight is the climactic encounter against Rhulk himself—a fully custom mob. "He's just fully custom—custom hitbox, custom everything," says Jp in a Q&A video posted to Toidi's channel. "That's something you do externally, out of the game, with other engines and whatnot. That's a whole different process."

In all, the project took roughly six months from start to finish. And in celebration of the video being named this week's Movie of the Week by Bungie, Jp has also announced that a free map download will be available this weekend—meaning you can soon try to best a Destiny 2 raid boss in Minecraft yourself.

Phil Savage

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