Destiny 2's broken Prometheus Lens rifle won't be fixed until next week

The Prometheus Lens exotic trace rifle that came to Destiny 2 in the Curse of Osiris expansion isn't just overpowered, it's straight-up broken. Its ability to insta-fry enemies is great as long as you're on the right end of it, but if you're not, it's just a wildly unfair, face-melting piss-off. Bungie community manager David "Deej" Dague said yesterday that the weapon is bugged, and the studio would address the issue on its blog, and so it has—sort of. 

The good news is that Bungie knows that its PvP modes are bust with the gun the way it is. The bad news is that it's going to stay that way for awhile anyway. Bungie said in its latest Bungie blog update that it will roll out a fix as soon as possible, but it won't be until next week sometime. 

"We know about the Prometheus Lens. It’s not what we intended," senior gameplay designer Jon Weisnewski said. "The weapon shipped with a bug, which we intend to fix with Destiny Update 1.1.1, along with everything else in the December update. Until then, please go easy on the players who have yet to get their hands on one (we know you won’t, but it’s been said)." 

1.1.1 won't be available until next week, most likely at Tuesday reset, which means that PvP players without a Prometheus Lens are going to have to keep eating it at the hands of those with one. Surprisingly—astoundingly, in the opinions of some—the PvP Trials of the Nine event will still take place this weekend as planned, despite the wild imbalance of power. Less surprisingly, the Destiny subreddit, which was already wound up over the broken weapon (and other issues), is now absolutely on fire

Yet amidst all the rage, one redditor, Flashfire34, came up with a simple and yet perfectly elegant solution to the immediate problem. "If they're going to be fixing it next week anyway and aren't making any changes at the moment (which means Trials is on), just have Xur sell it so everyone can be on a level playing field," they wrote. "It could actually be a fun weekend of Trials." 

I think it's a really good idea: Five-alarm gong shows absolutely can be a lot of fun, as long as everyone gets to play. We'll let you know early tomorrow morning if Bungie has opted for that solution, when Tim runs his rule over Xur's wares. Tomorrow will also see the opening of Destiny 2's first raid lair, while the debut Faction Rally for season 2 will begin on December 12 and run until December 19. 

Andy Chalk

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