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Destiny 2 on the PC will support SLI and HDR displays

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Nvidia confirmed last week that the PC version of Destiny 2 will support 4K resolutions, uncapped framerates, 21:9 monitors, and "a full suite of adjustable graphics settings." Today at Gamescom, it announced that the game will also support SLI and HDR displays, and that HDR support will actually be live for the upcoming PC beta test. 

The importance of HDR support might be debatable, as we covered in our July rundown of the new tech, but if you've got the right display unit, it "enables higher peak brightness for stunning, vivid visuals, with bold saturated colors; tremendous contrast for richer, more natural dark scenes; and a wide gamut of colors close to what you experience on the highest-quality digital cinema screens," Nvidia said. "In the context of Destiny 2's sci-fi setting, you'll experience a dazzling display of color, brightness and contrast that was previously impossible to render, further improving your experience." 

SLI, short for Scalable Link Interface, is a system that enables the use of multiple GPUs in a single PC—which, as you can imagine, can gives games that support it a significant performance kick. Nvidia also announced that a Game Ready driver for the Destiny 2 PC beta is in the works and will be rolled out on August 24, four days ahead of the early access beta launch (or five days, if you haven't preordered). 

Destiny 2 on the PC is still a good distance away—it won't be out until October 24—but the console versions (without HDR support, I feel obligated to note) will be out on September 6. Accordingly, you can check out the launch trailer right here.