How to get Heart Shadow in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 heart shadow dungeon
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Want to get your hands on the Destiny 2 Heart Shadow exotic? This fancy-looking sword is one of the most exciting new exotics in the Season of the Haunted and is perfect for void subclass characters who want to make the most of their invisibility. Its strongest ability is that it turns you invisible when you launch a heavy attack, and fires off some Void orbs at enemies. 

Usually invisiblity is limited to finishers, class abilities or smoke bombs, so adding it to a weapon is very strong. But Heart Shadow isn’t easy to get. First off, you’ll have to trek through the new Duality dungeon, and even after finishing the final encounter, the chances it’ll actually drop are very slim. Heart Shadow also isn't farmable, meaning only a limited number of completions can reward it each week.

If you’ve recently started Season of the Haunted, you might be wondering what Opulent Keys and chests are or where to find the Calus bobbleheads scattered across the Leviathan. Either way, this is how you get your hands Heart Shadow in Destiny 2.

It's also important to note that Heart Shadow isn't farmable

(Image credit: Bungie)

How to get Destiny 2 Heart Shadow

The Heart Shadow sword is the rarest reward from the Duality dungeon. You can only get it from the final encounter against Caiatl and its drop rate is pretty darn low. If you just want the sword, it might be a good idea to use the Destiny 2 app to find people looking for help on the final encounter. This means that you won’t have to work through the entire dungeon just for that weekly chance to get Heart Shadow. You can also increase the sword’s potential drop rate with a new feature that Bungie has introduced this season. 

Destiny 2 Heart Shadow: How to buff its drop rate 

In order to buff the Heart Shadow weekly drop rate you need to complete a series of triumphs in the dungeon itself. If you head into your triumphs menu and select “legends” then “duality”, you can view all of the triumphs. Here are the five that boost Heart Shadow drop rate: 

  •  Flawless Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in Duality without dying
  •  Solo Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in Duality solo
  •  Perfected Thoughtstealer: Complete all encounters in Duality solo without dying
  •  Master Thoughtstealer: Complete Duality on Master difficulty
  •  Mind Heist: Steal Calus’ Repressed Memories

The easiest one to complete is Mind Heist, since the Repressed Memories are just collectibles scattered through the dungeon. Completing it on Master will require a pretty high power level, and solo is certainly possible, but it would take a long time to collect all the standards required for boss damage phases. Still, even one of these will reduce the amount of weeks it should take you to get the sword.

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