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Death Inc prototype demo released

Ambient Studios have released a prototype demo of their plague-bearing Kickstarter hopeful Death Inc. It's an exceptionally early look - the full game isn't due for release until October - but gives you a chance to trial one of the game's levels, spreading infection through the tiny villagers of 17th Century England. It's also a great opportunity to test out the inventive order-painting control scheme.

It's nice to see a Kickstarter campaign being this open. Too often, we've seen successfully funded games get by with barely a hint at what they'll look like, let alone how they'll play. It's a canny move, too. Despite its promise of lighthearted real-time Reaper hijinks and Bullfrog-inspired business management, Death Inc has so far only raised nearly £60,000 of its £300,000 goal.

You can download the demo from here , for Windows, Mac and Linux. And for more info on Death Inc, you can read our huge interview with Ambient director Jonny Hopper here .

Phil Savage
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