Dawn of War 2's Ridiculously Bloody Blood Pack makes game ridiculously bloody

Dawn of War 2 blood pack

Have you had Halloween rammed down your throat enough yet? Here's a little blood to wash it down. Well, a lot of blood. OK, all the blood, courtesy of Dawn of War 2: Retribution's surprise 'Ridiculously Bloody Blood Pack' DLC. You'll need to fork out £1.59/$1.99/€1.99 for this belated add-on, which adds so much blood that it "can affect battle visibility when in combat". (Don't worry, it can be turned off.)

The add-on increases the volume and frequency of blood to silly proportions, as you can see in the following claret-soaked trailer.

"Watch in awe as Space Marines explode into a shower of blood upon projectile impacts that would make even Wes Craven wince," developer Relic says. "Gasp as resized and enlarged blood effects create rivers of red all over the screen that make the Crazy 88 scene in Kill Bill look like the aftermath of mild toe surgery. Did we mention the blood? There's loads of it. So much in fact, it makes Patrick Bateman's apartment look like the scene of a nasty papercut. Are we making ourselves clear?"

Crystal, Relic.

The original Dawn of War received some surprise new content recently too: a new multiplayer map. At the same time, Dawn of War 2 offered up some free loot as well.

Tom Sykes

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