Dataminers unearth a wealth of new details from the Battlefield 1 alpha

The Battlefield 1 closed alpha is underway, so naturally it's been pillaged by dataminers. This time, Lobix300 appears to have hit an unusually rich vein, uncovering all sorts of highly specific, unannounced information. So specific, in fact, that you can read the chapter titles for all six 'episodes' of the campaign, if you so wish.

The names of six maps have been revealed in addition to the four we already knew about: Chateau, Desert, FaoFortress, Forest, Argonne and Suez.

Thirty-five guns have been named, and I'm as happy as anyone to see the iconic Lee Enfield MK III in there. Class kits have been detailed too, though I wonder whether something has been lost in translation with the Medic's 'Rifle Launcher'—that sounds unsafe, even for war.

Modes look to include Rush, Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Air Superiority, Domination, Breakthrough (with may refer to the previously-announced 'Operations') and Behemoth. Behemoth is anyone's guess. Plus-size zeppelin battle?

In a series first, the data dump appears to suggest we'll be able to customise solider's faces with 11 different skins.

Then there are the six files named 'M_PatchFrance', which, at a guess, might refer to the DLC DICE has kindly set aside for the French.