Cyber Monday speaker deals

If you want your audio sounding great, we've found some great Cyber Monday deals below for you. If there's a deal on one of our favorite speakers, even better! Nothing beats the visceral impact of a great pair of speakers. Don't forget the subwoofer!

The best deals right now

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Klipsch RB-10 bookshelf speaker: $130, Newegg (save $120) - The Klipsch RB-10 makes for some kick-ass PC speakers if you have an amp or receiver that can power them. 

If surround sound is more your thing, the excellent Razer Leviathan is currently discounted to $140 from Amazon - a saving of $60. 

All of our favorite deals 

US deals: 

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Bluetooth: $142, Amazon (save $17)  

Klipsch RB-10 bookshelf speaker: $130, Newegg (save $120) 

Klipsch Quintet V 5-channel home theater system: $250, Newegg (save $350)

Sonos PLAY:1 smart wireless speaker: $150, Amazon , Best Buy (save $50)

Klipsch R-15PM powered monitor pair: $349, Amazon (save $150)

KEF LS50 mini monitor: $1,200, Amazon (save $300)

Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth speaker: $100, Amazon (save $100)

UK deals:

Bose Companion 2 Series III: £75, Amazon (save £15)

Creative GigaWorks T20 Series II: £57, Amazon (save £13)

Sonos PLAY:1 smart wireless speaker (black): £139, Amazon (save £30)

Logitech Z313: £36, Amazon (save £9)

Creative T30 wireless: £89, Amazon (save £10)

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