CS:GO commentator Sadokist suspended from Twitch after using racist language, issues apology (Updated)

Source: Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett, Facebook

Update: Counter Strike: Global Offensive commentator Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett has issued a statement following his use of the n-word while taunting a friend, and having told CS:GO community member Don Haci to kill himself. 

Posted to his Facebook fan page, the statement runs over 1200 words and addresses both incidents directly. Within, Trivett describes racism "of any variety" as "absolutely despicable" and that while he appreciates some people are "trying to play down the situation" there are "no grounds to do so."   

Elsewhere, Trivett suggests "personal grievances" in part contextualise his actions towards streamer Don Haci, but admits "suicide and mental health are both far too serious of an issue to speak crudely about."

The statement then addresses Trivett's next steps moving forward.

Read the statement in full here.  Our original story follows. 

Original story:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive commentator Matthew “Sadokist” Trivett has been suspended from Twitch after he used racist language during a stream and told another member of the community to kill himself.

During the Friday night stream, Trivett used the n-word while taunting a friend. The full stream is unavailable to watch but the clip was immediately posted on social media. You can watch it here.

Later in the stream, Trivett told community member Don Haci to kill himself. "Go fuck yourself, ban yourself from the CS:GO community," he said. "Maybe put a belt around your neck and jump off a cliff with the belt still attached. That would be better for everyone."

Trivett has been a staple of large CS:GO tournaments, including majors, in recent years, but his Twitch suspension could foreshadow a similar reaction from tournament organizers.

The Canadian commentator heavily criticised Overwatch pro Félix “xQc” Lengyel, who was suspended from the Overwatch League and then dropped by Dallas Fuel for "repeatedly us[ing] an emote in a racially disparaging manner." At the time, Trivett said on Twitter that he was "disgusted" by xQc, but has since deleted the tweet. 

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