Crusader Kings 3 gets a September 1 release date

Crusader Kings 3 is gearing up to depose its predecessor, with Paradox Interactive revealing the release date, along with a new trailer that you can stare at above. You'll be able to take charge of a medieval dynasty and start strutting around in a crown on September 1. 

I kept the throne warm for a wee while recently, murdering and plotting my way through a few different dynasties. I always started out with the best of intentions, but things tended to get bloody. There are so many opportunities to bribe, blackmail and murder, it can be hard to be good. 

Returning players will find most of what they're used to intact, with Crusader Kings 3 cutting little from its predecessor or the mountain of DLC that's accumulated over the years. Straight away you can start ruling over an African kingdom or coasts as a Norse jarl. It's huge, then, and even bigger now that the scale of the map has been expanded. 

Check out my Crusader Kings 3 hands-on for more details. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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