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Creating the ultimate transport zipline in Death Stranding

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From uncapped frames to Mouse and Keyboard support, Death Stranding on PC is a standout title that has incredible beauty in a dark dystopian future where humanity has been disconnected.

You play as Sam Bridges as you reconnect America in hopes to restore what was lost to the past from the original Death Stranding event. Along your journey, you’ll witness beautiful vistas, rocky volcanic beds, grasslands, snow-capped mountains, and more.

You’ll meet people that have been disconnected from society. Some of them will resist reconnecting to society, some of them will be surprised to see you.

As you reconnect people, you expand the chiral network, allowing more infrastructure to be rebuilt throughout your gameplay. You also acquire new and upgraded tools that expand the sandbox of options for deliveries, dealing with BTs (Beach Things), and avoiding the archaic MULE’s.

The PC version fully supports Mouse and Keyboard controls and complements the gameplay experience wonderfully. You get deeper graphical controls, including ultra-wide monitor support, and a new photo mode to capture unique moments during your journey.

Death Stranding (opens in new tab) is officially out on Steam and the Epic store.