Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update rebalances weapons, adds Deathmatch

Valve have released a giant patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, bringing a new Deathmatch mode to the game, along with some major balance changes and bug fixes.

Deathmatch seems like an odd inclusion for the traditionally teamwork heavy online shooter, but Valve suggest that, as well as a fun sideshow, it can be an invaluable gamemode for honing your skills. "Practice your aim with individual weapons like the pros," they write . "spawn with a random weapon, or boost your score by taking advantage of bonus timers. There's no wrong way to play."

"Deathmatch mode is also a useful way to learn a new map. Find out where you're exposed, and experiment with new angles and approaches." The new mode will work for all existing Classic, Arms Race and Demolition maps.

Valve have also made global changes to weapon recoil, as well as specific adjustments to rifles, pistols and the P90. The changes, they say, are based on the feedback the team have gathered from pro players.

Also in the patch list is a series of notes to mapmakers, including a reference to a "private beta for workshop maps". That would suggest that CS:GO will eventually follow in Left 4 Dead 2's hurried footsteps, getting mod support through the Steam Workshop.

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Phil Savage

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