Cooking streamer's $80 fish live-yoinked by her scheming cat

A cat eating a fish.
(Image credit: Nurphoto via Getty)

Gourmetmei aka Meilyne is a cooking streamer on Twitch, whose shows feature her preparing various meals, often with high-end ingredients. On a recent show the dish of the day was an extremely expensive cut of fish: an amadai tilefish. Chef Meilyne had visited a local fish market before the stream and posted about acquiring the ingredient, before later starting the stream and beginning to cook.

The stream went as normal, with the chef showcasing three different methods for preparing the amadai tilefish. One of these was pan frying, after which she put the cooked fillet of fish to one side, and turned to fiddle with something else near the oven.

This was the opportunity one of her cats had been waiting for.

The clip shows this wily hunter emerging when the chef's back is fully turned, and sniffing his would-be prize a few times. The cat grabs the fish at almost exactly the moment there's an off-screen shout that alerts the chef—who makes a last-ditch lunge towards the thief. Too late. The cat was gone, and with it the beautifully cooked amadai tilefish.

There is one word for the look on chef Meilyn's face in the moments afterwards: gutted.

To her credit, after a brief paws for thought, the stream continued on—with appropriately increased caution about the presence of a scheming moggy. It was not lawful prize, but I'm sure it was delicious.

Rich Stanton

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