BioWare asking for feedback for "completely new" Mass Effect

We already knew that BioWare were planning a new Mass Effect , but it's becoming clearer now that the project has moved from vague aspiration to actual development. It's not DLC, it's (presumably) not an iPhone, Android or Nokia N-Gage spin-off; as BioWare Masster Casey Hudson says via Twitter , it's a "completely new Mass Effect game. What would you want to see in it?" Well, you heard the man - what would you want to see in a new Mass Effect?

The game's still in the "early stages", giving the team plenty of time to work in suggestions such as "a return to hard science fiction, emphasis on science" (Justin Fassino), "RTS or 4x would be really cool" (R.S. Hunter), and "an ending, cheers" (JulianDM11). BioWare had previously expressed that Shepard wouldn't feature , but maybe there's time to change that too. Feel free to add your own suggestions below - and then tweet them at @CaseyDHudson, so he's legally obliged to put them in the new game.

As for us, we want Jennifer Hale to return in some form, we want the chance to romance a Rachni, but more than anything we want a better, more survivable breed of space hamster. Is that too much to ask?

(via PCGamesN )

Tom Sykes

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