Company of Heroes 2's Turning Point update to add new maps and 'World Builder' tool

Relic have announced that they're reaching a Turning Point. Confusingly in this case, it's a Company of Heroes 2 update, and not a new commitment to make nice games about not ordering tiny men to angrily shoot each other. As well as more multiplayer maps, this update also puts the tools of battle in the hands of the soldiers, by giving the community a World Builder tool that will let them create and share their own battlefields.

The two new Relic-made maps are called Rails & Metal and Lazur Factory, the latter of which has received the trailer treatment.

Four new multiplayer commanders are also being made available, two of which were designed by community members. In addition, Theatre of War is being updated with new features, including public chat and co-op battles.

Company of Heroes 2's Turning Point update is due out on November 12th. You can find more details on the update's micro-site .

Phil Savage

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