Company of Heroes 2 demo now available

Demos, eh? A lovely feature, if you're prepared to wait a couple of months in the hope a developer will maybe cut out a chuck of game and post it online. Of course, barring multiplayer betas and the occasional generous indie, you're not going to get to trial a game's singleplayer mode before its release. What do you think this is, the '90s? Wait, is it the '90s? I ask because Company of Heroes 2 has just released its E3 demo to the public.

The campaign snippet lets you try part of the mid-game mission "The Land Bridge to Leningrad". In it, you have to cross a frozen lake under heavy German fire. That sounds like a really bad idea. But then hey, I'm not a World War 2 general.

Before you take to the streets in celebration of Relic's resurrection of the demo; keep in mind that it's still tied to the currently running open beta. You'll need to grab that from Steam to try this singleplayer missionette, and it will disappear, along with the beta, this Tuesday, the 18th of June.

Company of Heroes 2 will be released the week after, on June 25th.

Phil Savage

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