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Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 2 (430 A.D. to 1702 A.D.)

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Greek scientific revolution

1440 A.D.: The Greeks and the Celts enter into a research agreement.

Well, they sure patched up that whole war and strife thing quickly. I have to be careful of other civs making research agreements I'm not involved in, as it could lose me my tech lead. And I can't afford to lose that against Greece, since it's currently the only thing I'm beating them at.

1450 A.D.: The city-state of Monaco pledges fealty to Sweden, in awe of their technological advances.

1460 A.D.: A revolution in Germany deposes the religious aristocracy. The new government exchanges embassies with Sweden, and talks begin on possibly bringing them into the Continental Alliance.

Later that year, a Great Prophet of Awesomeness is born in Stockholm. He will go on to begin converting the Danes to awesomeness.

1470 A.D.: Greece and Austria sign a research agreement.

Okay, this is EXACTLY what I don't want happening. Now Greece will get double the benefits, while each of their research partners will only benefit from one agreement. And I'm benefiting from nothing, having recently emptied my treasuries to invest in science-generating universities for my outlying cities. Conflict with Greece is seeming more and more inevitable if I want any hope of winning this game.

A trade road to Linköping is finally established, linking the Southern frontier to the rest of Sweden.