Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 1 (4000 B.C. to 430 A.D.)

A time of prosperity

1025 B.C.: Word reaches Sweden that war has broken out between the Germans and the Greeks, both far to the South. This is the first war between major civilizations in the continent's history. Sweden and its neighbors see no compelling reason to get involved.

1000 B.C.: The Althing adopts Universal Representation, allowing all citizens of Sweden to be heard at the assembly, whether they be of the original tribes of the Stockholm Valley, Stormlanders, or Westlings. The mingling of cultures and ideas leads to a Golden Age for Sweden.

Aside from giving me an immediate Golden Age, this policy will also allow me to build more cities without increasing the culture cost of earning new policies by too much. Time to start laying some brick!

875 B.C.: Work begins on the Westerland Road, connecting Stockholm to Helsinki.

The same year, the Greek-German Wars come to an end. Greece has seized a significant amount of German territory, and has become the dominant power on the continent.

700 B.C.: The Swedish Golden Age ends, but Sweden remains pretty freaking awesome.

It may seem like an uneventful few centuries, but that's actually a good thing. Going through a Golden Age while at peace has allowed me to invest a lot in the future of my civ by buying buildings and workers.