Civilization V gets Steam Workshop support with Gods & Kings expansion

Civilization 5

2K have announced that Civilization V's existing mod browser feature will be overhauled and replaced with the Steam Workshop following the release of the Gods & Kings expansion.

The change will affect all players, not just those who've bought the add-on. It'll allow you to rate mods and subscribe to collections and authors in exactly the same way as Team Fortress 2, Skyrim and Portal 2.

Check out Tyler's hands-on for more information on the expansion. Later in the week, 2K will be posting further instructions for existing modders on the game's official forums . Civilization V: Gods & Kings is due on the 19th of June in North America and the 22nd everywhere else.

Is Workshop support enough to rekindle - or start - a Civ addiction, readers?

Chris Thursten

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