Civilization: Beyond Earth now has a demo you can try

Civilization: Beyond Earth

If you're tempted by Civilization: Beyond Earth, but not enough to stump up the wonga without knowing if and how well it will run on your PC, I have some good news: demos are a thing. Admittedly, not a thing that exists much anymore, but Firaxis have always been very good at offering up a generous amount of their games for no money. Beyond Earth is no exception, and if you navigate your way to the game's Steam page you'll find that there's now a big 'Download Demo' box on the right.

It's 5GB in size, and Reddit users are stating that it gives you 100 turns to play around with, as per usual for Firaxis' Civ demos. That's a good amount of time to get a feel for the game—although for a fuller overview and appraisal of Beyond Earth, you could always check out our review.

Tom Sykes

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