Chivalry: Medieval Warfare sells 1.2 million copies, adds customization system

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has sold 1.2 million copies since its release last year, and is celebrating with a new update that brings some added flair to whoever you drive your halberd through this week. It's already a brutal staging of battlefield violence, castle sieges, and arena combat, but the new update will now let players add a touch of color to their bloodthirsty warriors.

We learned yesterday from developer Torn Banner Studios that Chivalry's 1.2 million copies sold is split roughly between North America and the rest of the world, with the UK, Germany, and Russia rounding out the top three destinations for the game outside Canada and the United States. The game's new customization features link up handily with this news, as the new options should allow players to show their allegiance to a variety of nation states, both real and imagined.

Chivalry has always struck me as the sort of game you don't know you need until you play it. Its bloody— and sometimes comical —presentation of Medieval warfare was indeed a void in my regular playlist. I just didn't know it until I picked up a giant battle ax for the first time and stormed a keep in one of Chivalry's multiplayer modes.

I was even able to outfit a knight of the radioactive rose which you can see below. I'm not sure which country or continent he belongs to.